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Hey Guys what's up nothin' here just sittin here with kaitlyn..

My lyfe may seem so boring to you but there is alot that goes on in my lyfe that many people don't see. I know that everything that I write on here may seem as a joke to everyone but it's not. I have my ups and my downs and I never have anyone to be there for me when I need them to be. So Many things go wrong and no one even knows or cares. Half my family hates me cause of something that I said about someone that I didn't even say which really pisses me off cause I didn't do anything to deserve anything that is going on right now and many people just need to see me as me and not as something I'm not..! There is alot of my friends that help me get by and I am glad to have them all but many of them just use me and its not right because I didn't do anything I have alwayz been there for my friends when they needed someones sholder to cry on or just someone to talk to i have alwayz been there no matter what Because i could do a friend like that at all I'm just not that way aT ALL!

I just want you all to take me serious and NOT just as A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!....
Because seriously.. ITS NOT ONE*
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