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Just sittin here waiting for mr.perfect to get on yahoo mawhahaha.
School today..eww boring....
I got to school went to 1st period got assigned sets.sucks
2nd period. lame old tyler..arrrrr
4th boring art..crazy terry..
5th haha I don't know what happend in that class I SLEPT.
6th Gym...Shannon was being a total bitch..Cause there is a new GIRL and she was showing off and being mean to me but whatever.

Well school better be good tommarrow cause if not I am going to get so mad..eww haha*
Oh yea there is this girl named jessica..she keeps messin wit me and if she don;t stop i am going to beat her a** no joke.
well I am out cause there is nothing to do but watch t.v.

Why do some people say they love someone and mainley we don't even know what love is but I know one thing..I am in love with bradley alan howard!!

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